5th Annual Valley Martial Arts Family Gathering

Mark your calendars for the 5th Annual Valley Martial Arts Family Gathering, a vibrant assembly uniting Jujutsu, Aikijujutsu, Arnis, and Karate enthusiasts for a full day of immersive training, camaraderie, and connection. This enriching experience is set for August 24, 2024, at the scenic Shikellamy State Park, Pavillion 2.

Enthusiasts from all skill levels are invited to refine their craft under the guidance of seasoned instructors, exploring a diverse array of martial arts disciplines. It’s a unique chance to enhance your abilities, whether you’re just starting or are an experienced instructor.

The gathering isn’t just about training; it’s a chance to mingle with peers, forging new friendships and professional links within the martial arts community. Ending the day with a delicious BBQ feast courtesy of The Barbarian Q.

Leading the event are esteemed hosts Professor Jeff Ramsey and Aaron Nowell Kyoshi,  alongside a lineup of distinguished guest instructors including Ty Botting of Kung Fu Presas Modern Arnis, Erik Harris of Kung Fu/Silat, Shawn Ritchie, a 5th Dan in Sanuces Ryu, and Jeffrey Mann, a 4th Dan in Goju-Ryu.

We are happy to announce that we are able to keep our costs the same as last year, $100 for a full day of training and BBQ, $75 for a great day of training, and just $30 for an all you can eat BBQ.

We are opening up preregistrations now through July 31. All preregistrations come with 1 free event T-shirt. Additional T-shirts can be ordered at $20 each. (There will be a limited number available at the event).

Keep watching for more about your guest instructors and menu!

Jeff Mann

Jeff Mann began his martial arts training in 1988. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to train in multiple styles, but his primary discipline has been Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate (IOGKF). He currently holds a 4th degree black belt (which may change by the date of this event). He is also an author who has published books on martial arts, the ethics of violence, and Buddhism.

Shawn Ritchie

Sensei Shawn Ritchie is a 5th Dan in Sanuces Ryu Jujitsu with 40 years in the martial arts. He is a student if Hanshi D’ World King. He has been owner and head instructor at Thurmont Academy of Seld Defense for 16 years.

Erik Harris

Erik began his training in 1984 and found his home in Liu Seong Gungfu in 1990. Liu Seong Gungfu, based on the teachings of Grandmaster Willem A. Reeders, is a blended combination of Chinese and Indonesian systems, primarily Hokkien White Crane gungfu and West Javanese silat systems. Along with ongoing training with his Liu Seong gungfu teachers, Erik has spent decades cross-training with instructors of many arts, helping to inform and shape his understanding of his home art. Erik holds a third-degree black sash under Sifu George Reyngoudt, an orange (instructor’s) sash under Mr. Joe Salomone, and is recognized as Rokudan Kyoshi by the Sutrisno dojo’s Bushi No Te organization. Erik currently runs the Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Tye Botting

Dr. Botting began his study of the chinese martial arts at age 16 in 1981 while living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has trained in a number of arts since then, but considers the three arts he holds instructor rank in as his core: Northern Shaolin / Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu (black sash 1989), Modern Arnis (black belt 1995), and Yang Style Taijiquan (instructor 1992). He teaches kung fu and Modern Arnis at Tye’s Kung Fu, beginning teaching at the requests of GM Wang in 1989 and Professor Remy A. Presas Sr. in 1994, respectively. Dr. Botting is Vice President and serves on the Board of Examiners in the Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association (YRTQA) that promotes Northern Praying Mantis knowledge exchange and understanding. He also serves on the Senior Council for the World Modern Arnis Alliance (WMAA) that carries on the Presas family combat systems of Modern Arnis and Kombatan. He teaches both kung fu and modern arnis in Springfield, Virginia and has taught seminars and individuals in kung fu and arnis across the United States in 21 states, and internationally in the Republic of Ireland, Canada, Germany, and the Philippines. Dr. Botting has a successful Youtube channel (tyeskf) providing instruction in detailed basics of Modern Arnis and kung fu. He holds the following martial arts ranks and certifications: 9th degree black belt in Presas and Modern Arnis (Lakan Siyam, Matandang Punong Guro), 8th degree black sash in Northern Shaolin / Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu (Ba Tuan, Sifu and Master Instructor), and more.